Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekends and Houseguests

I'm learning that weekends are not my high-point for creative productivity. LOL! Especially the weekends that my stepdaughter is here with us. But I am OKAY with that because I love family time! That's what we've had lots of this weekend, so no scrapping got done after Friday night.

Friday, I made the CUTEST card that I am most proud of, but I used it for my entry for Kassidy's Winter Design Team (over at inkingitupcrazy)! The entry time ends today, so I have been working on some projects until I finally got one that I thought was good enough, so I sent that to her today! I don't want to share it just yet, so look for that in the future!

I have to say though... the next couple of weeks might be kind of quiet from my end. The first part of my family (my sister, brother in law, and 2 year old niece) is coming into town on Wednesday to stay for two weeks! Then next week, my mother and her husband and my 95 year old great-grandmother are coming in right before Thanksgiving! Then my uncle will be joining us right after Thanksgiving. I will have a VERY full house for a few days!!!! I'm hoping to get to sit with my sister and play in my craft room (she only has the Baby Bug and does not have the G or a Cuttlebug), but we'll see how that works out. Plans are already in the works for a visit to Disney, Universal, St. Augustine, and who knows where else! PLUS I will be cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner for (I think) 21 people! EEK! Pray for me (and my guests! LOL!)

I hope to get some things posted, but if not, I'll at least try to stop by and catch up on the blogs that I follow periodically! And I'm still looking for one more follower and then a little first giveaway!!!

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