Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Photos

I know I'm a week late with the photos of our Halloween, but I tend to be a few days behind all the time!

Each year, we decorate the whole outside of our house. This year, I decided we needed to dress up to hand out candy! I even downloaded some great Halloween tunes and had them playing through the dining room window for everyone to hear as they came up the street! Unfortunately, we are one of only three or so houses in our development that REALLY go all out for the holiday and decorate and dress up and everything. In fact, we were more dressed up than some of the trick-or-treaters that came to our house! Kinda disappointing!

I was the Wicked Witch... or Elphaba for those who know "Wicked". :-) I was so afraid that green paint wouldn't come off!!! LOL!

And in this story, "Toto" is actually "Princess" and I had her from the beginning! Princess was also a witch for Halloween!

Jon was a creepy pumpkin-headed guy. He even made a little girl cry!

Kelly was Lady Ga Ga, but I don't have any good photos of her costume. :-(


I've been in a funky mood for the past few days, so very little crafting has been done, but I have some new projects that I finished last week that I will be posting probably tomorrow! For now, I am going to read some more of the blogs and try to find some inspiration and motivation to get back in there! :-)

Oh! And one more thing: I am very close to 50 followers (I know... that's measly compared to SOME bloggers, but for me, that's great!) and Jon said once I get to 50, he will support me doing a little giveaway!! So stay tuned for if/when that happens!

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  1. Great costumes! I'm guessing that the green paint did come off!?! lol