Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Could it be? A real update?? YES IT IS! A long one, too!

*deep breath*

First, I must apologize for my longer-than-anticipated absence from my blog. Needless to say, LIFE IS CRAAAAZY and sadly, the first thing to fall off the wagon was my hobby and all that comes with it.... including the blog. But, hopefully, this update will help everyone understand where I've been! :-) Let me go back to March.

In the beginning of March, I got a jury duty notice. I'd never had jury duty before, so I wasn't quite sure what to think about it, but it's my civic duty, so... on March 21st, I reported to the courthouse for jury selection. In my county, they only do selection on Monday's for the week's trials. This meant, 400+ people in one room getting selected to go to the court rooms for questioning. Luckily, I was in the second group to get called. We walk to the courtroom and selection begins. Fast forward about 2 hours and it was "Hi, my name is Carol and I'm juror #7 on a civil trial." So, for the next three days, I was sitting on a jury for a very heated, difficult, and exhausting trial. I can actually say though, that I really enjoyed it!! I'm not saying I'd volunteer for this duty, but it was such a learning experience and I really have a greater respect for our country's judicial system!

On March 24th, my first day after jury duty, I realized that something was missing from my life....... ladies, you understand. So that morning, I got up really early and this is what I found.

So.... that began a whole new world for me. Doctor's appointments and a few freak outs, but yes, hubby and I are expecting! After a few ultrasounds, it has been determined that we are due on December 1st. I am so ecstatic and afraid and happy and nervous... all at the same time!

What's the first thing hubby wanted to do after we found out? Of all things...........

Yes, that's right. He wanted us to buy a van! He's wanted a van since we first got married, but I firmly rebelled.... until now. We wouldn't have enough room in my little car for all of us (gotta count the dog), so I caved in and bought my very first brand new car! It's a Kia Sedona and as much as I hate to say it, I LOVE IT! Oh what have I become?

After we found out, I needed to plan a trip back to PA to tell my family. I went there for a week and my family is out of this world happy!!! I got to spend some great time with my beautiful niece! Aunt Carol even introduced this cute little almost-three year old to PLAY-DOH (which she calls her "colors"). Mommy wasn't too excited about this, but isn't that what aunts are for??
I also gave the little angel her birthday present a little early. It's a pen that reads books out loud for her and there's games and music on it. It comes in a little backpack that she never wanted to take off!!
My father's birthday was the week after I was to come back to FL, so we had a family celebration for him while I was home so I could actually be there for it! It was nice to be home for his party!!

I returned to FL in time for my first OB appointment and got my second ultrasound done. We got to see the little peanut AND we got to hear his/her heartbeat! What an AMAZING experience!! Both Jon and I were in tears! It's so incredible to think that there's a little tiny person with a heartbeat inside of me!

So that's the big reason I've been MIA so much lately..... this baby is kicking my butt! I've had horrible horrible morning sickness for the past few weeks to the point that there are often days that I am afraid to move because I know it's going to make me sick. I think I have finally found a few things that settle my stomach, so I'm going to try to work these into a routine so I can start getting back to normal.... at least until I get past this part of the pregnancy. :-)

LOL! When I think I found something that actually stayed down, my hubby went nuts and bought lots of it! Yes, that's ginger ale, saltines, sprite, and salt and vinegar chips!!!

When I finally had a day that I felt somewhat human and had some energy, I got into my scrap room as soon as I could! I wanted to make my Mother's Day cards before Mother's Day passed. I was so happy to get back in there. You don't realize how much you can miss a hobby until you're away from it for a month or more and finally get back to it!

Here is one of the cards that I made. I am so happy with how it turned out!

So, to finish up this looooooooooooong, but needed update, I will hopefully have LOTS to share with you after this weekend. For part of my Mother's Day gift, my hubby is sending me to a weekend long scrapbooking event at a camp near my city that's being hosted by a local scrapbook supply store! It starts at noon on Friday and it goes until 4pm on Sunday! I'm going with a new friend of mine and we are staying on-site. There is no internet access (even from my phone), so I won't be updating over the weekend, but as soon as I get home, get unpacked and get photos done, I'll share what I make!! I've never been to a scrapbooking event before, so I'm very excited. I have no idea what to take with me, but I'm still excited!!!

I hope this update helps you understand why I've been missing.... It's not that I don't still love my hobby, but baby and mommy's health comes first. :-)

I promise to try to stop in at least a bit more to post, but please know that I appreciate all of my followers and I still read all of your blogs as often as I can, even if I'm not posting or commenting!

Happy Crafting, everyone!