Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Mini-Recap

I'm back!

Kind of.

First, let me wish everyone a Happy beginning to the Holiday season!! My holiday season started out with a bang! My first holiday dinner hosting went VERY well! We ended up with 17 guests at our house for dinner on Thursday! Nothing but rave reviews and compliments (though I'm sure family would NEVER say a negative thing to my face... we'll see what's said behind my back! LOL!). It was so nice to have my family and my husband's family all together for the first time since our wedding in 2008! Besides dinner, we have had 6 house guests staying with us since the week before last, plus hubby and I and his daughter, so my life has been quite different than my typical alone time! It was wonderful though! Went to Disney, the zoo, many great restaurants, to see the new Harry Potter movie, the beach, some craft shows... so much to do when family is around! I have so much to scrapbook now!!!

My sister, BIL, and niece left to return to PA on Saturday. My mother and her husband left today to continue their vacation/late honeymoon to TN (Dollywood and Gatlinburg). My great-grandmother, who is 92 (will be 93 at the end of December) was supposed to go back to PA with my sister on Saturday, but she decided that she wasn't ready to go home yet, so she's staying..... until DECEMBER 17th! LOL! My uncle is coming to Florida for work for a few months and is going to be taking her home with him when he flies home for Christmas. It should be interesting though because she has never flown! So I get to hang out with one of my favorite family members for the next three weeks. I think I'm going to take the time that I have with her here and work on some family genealogy and history and get some of her stories on video! She has soooo many and what better time to get them than now! Perhaps I'll have to introduce her to the Cricut while she's here too! She is staying in my "craft room"/guest room, so I know she's been looking through my scrapbooks and card projects because she keeps commenting on how talented she thinks I am. :-) That's why I love her so much!

I digress!

Hopefully, sometime in the next week I will get some projects done and posted. I also need to post the giveaway for hitting 50 before Thanksgiving! I want to do a video of all of our Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday sales, and of course, the photos from my holiday!! :-) Stay tuned! And I hope everyone is doing well!

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