Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recent Projects, Great Find at Michaels, and a Mini Haul from Michaels

Hello, friends! And welcome new followers/friends!!!

I wanted to share some of the projects I have actually managed to start AND finish recently.

There are a bunch of birthdays coming up in my close circle in November, so I made a bunch of Birthday cards to be ready to send out! Here's three of them.

I posted some of these little people while I was working on them, but I actually got them all completed! These are made from clearanced coasters at Michaels (ended up being $.30 for 8 of them( and Paper Dolls made with Paper Doll Dress Up. I am going to give them as take-home gifts for our Thanksgiving dinner guests!

This is a box that I made to keep index cards of planned projects or pages that I want to make. I see so many great ideas in magazines or blogs, so I needed a place to keep track of them. I made it by covering a recipe box (that was $1.00 at Michaels) with paper and ribbon and welded and cut out the word "Projects" with my Gypsy for the front. It's not perfect, but I'm quite proud of how it turned out!!!

This is a card I made for my stepdaughter to celebrate her good report card! She just got her first HIGH SCHOOL report card and she did very well in all (but one) of her classes and managed to bring up the one low grade within a week to an A! I made it using the new Smiley downloaded cart on my Gypsy.

This is a random Christmas card that I made as a trial run to see how it would turn out. The Santa is from Winter Frolic (I think). Don't ask why it's missing two edges. LOL! I said it was a trial, right???

Here is a sort of "get well" card that I made for my brother-in-law's father. He had to have an emergency quadruple bypass the other day and is finally home and recovering. He's a really nice guy and will get a kick out of the sentiment on this card!

Here is a photo of my haul from Michaels today. Some great coupons and great sales there this week (if this is stuff that you need!) The thin ribbon is 5 for $1.00. The jingle bells were $5.99 and then 40% off. The Christmas stamps is actually a set of two sheets of stamps for $9.99 and I used a 50% off coupon. The googly eyes weren't on sale, but I needed them. The punch was 40% off! I will be going back on Thursday or Friday because I have a coupon for 20% off the whole order including sale items!! There's some really cute holiday-themed DCWV stacks that I want, but when I can save another $3.00 on them, I can wait 2 more days!!

And while browsing around Michael's, I literally ran into something new and exciting! I struggled to find the Pink ATG when I first wanted one and finally found one (purely luck). Many of my online blogging friends are still struggling to find them, BUT if all Michaels stores are doing this, look no further!
It was an entire end cap of Scotch adhesives and more ATG guns than I have ever seen in one place!!! It was along the wall, not along the main aisle, so check your local stores if you're looking for one!!!

I hope that everyone is doing well! I'm off to work on some more projects and layouts!

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