Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Halloween!! We had a great night at our house! Husband, Stepdaughter, Dog, and I all dressed up and sat outside of our beautifully decorated home waiting for the trick or treaters! Had about 50 little (and not so little) ones come by! I'll post photos of some of our celebration later!

Unfortunately, not much time to spend on here tonight.... hubby and I have to get up super early to head to Georgia tomorrow for a funeral. His great-grandmother who was 95 years old passed on Friday, so we'll be heading north to attend services. I expect that I will be home tomorrow evening sometime, so I'll hopefully have enough energy to catch up on the blogs, some personal updates, AND MY GYPSY UPDATE!!


  1. How cute! What did you dress your dog up as?

  2. @Sarah: She dressed up as a cute little witch! I'll post photos from Halloween probably tomorrow!!