Sunday, October 24, 2010

The weeks sure do fly by, don't they....

...And I haven't posted anything!

Where have I been and what have I been up to? Well, I'd love to say LOTS OF CRAFTING, but I have to be honest and say a little crafting, a little laziness, and a LOT of job hunting!

Since my last post more than a week ago, I have spent some time revamping my blog, figuring out how to post via my phone, and organizing my scrapping room a little more. On the more personal side of my life, my cell phone was dying so I had to get a new one (hellllooo iPhone4 heaven! Thank you, dear husband!), sold my old one on eBay, decorated my house for Halloween, and have been spending lots of time talking to my family and catching up with everyone. It's been quite nice!

My aunt was visiting Florida a few weeks ago and I spent some wonderful time with her in St. Augustine and got some great hands-on time with my camera! Some photos from that day are below:

The Old City Gate

Castillo de San Marcos, The Fort

Mission of Nombre de Dios, Statue of Father Francisco Lopez and The Great Cross

I also debated going back to PA for a crafts festival that my sister has at the store that she inherited from my grandmother, but that also fell on the one year anniversary of that grandmother's passing, so I spent a few days here a little under the weather thinking about her and missing her.

And as for the job search, still no bites and no successes, but I am still trying to remain optimistic that the right thing will come along for me when the time is right!

Now, on to the happiness of life that is CRAFTING!

I have obtained a few new toys and accessories to play with in the past few days as Christmas came early to Carol's house! With the promotion that Provocraft is running currently for the Gypsy, and dearest husband knowing that I have been itching to get my hands on one of these for a few months now, he decided that Santa would have to deliver this gift a little early, so the other night, we went out and got it at my neighborhood Michael's. And can I tell you..... it's WONDERFUL!!! It truly is so much more than I ever thought it would be! I have already designed and made more since I've gotten this than I have in a couple of months! I love sitting in the living room or laying in bed and setting up my page to be cut and then going in the scrap room for a few hours and actually getting SO much done! I think I was slowing down on my pages and cards due to frustration of having to change paper on the mat so many times for one little project. Now it seems SO simple! And I can't wait to get the 6 free carts on November 1st!!!!

So Gypsy was #1!

The same night we got the G at Michael's, I found a 50% off MS products coupon that was still good in my purse, so I picked up the Pink Martha Stewart Bone Folder and got it for around $4! It's so pretty and it has little bling on it!!!

I thought that's about all I'd be getting for a little while, but.... I'd be fibbing!

Today, I had to run some errands and decided to wander around Ross for a while since I haven't been in that store for some time. I didn't know they had any scrapbooking supplies, but they DO! I picked up a box of stuff and I'll have to do a video to show you all the stuff that was inside of it for $9.99! I was ecstatic with that and after reading some more of the blogs that I follow, apparently, each box has different stuff in it, sooooo, I might be going out for a few more this week! Video to follow!

After I got home, I started to work on some more projects and came up with a very cute idea for some take-homes for my Thanksgiving guests! I made some Pilgrims and Indians from the Paperdoll Dress Up cartridge and then covered the coasters that we had picked up at M's back on October 11th with some harvest-theme colored paper and Modge Podged the figures on them! They turned out so cute! I have some more to make, but I like how they are turning out so far, so I will have to go get more coasters this week. (Maybe I should inquire about working at Michael's? LOL!) Here's what they look like:

And then I finished up the Halloween cards that I needed to send this week. They were both made using Happy Hauntings, the MS Drippy Goo Punch, the MS Halloween stamps, and the MS Embossing powders. This was my first time playing with embossing powders and a heat gun, but I love the effect and how they turned out! Here they are:

I need to be better about posting my projects as I go! This is a lot for one post, isn't it?

Well, I hope no one fell asleep while reading and I promise I'll try to be better about posting more regularly!

Happy Crafting!

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