Monday, October 25, 2010

I love eBay!

I caved in tonight. I bought something on eBay.

I SWORE that since I had gotten my Gypsy, I was done for a while.....

I lied.


I won Simply Charmed (the link is for the handbook. You have to see how CUTE this cart is, if you haven't already!!)! This is the one cartridge that I have been drooooooling over since I saw it as an HSN exclusive. And now that I have my Gypsy, my idea notebook was crying out to allow me to finish some projects that I want to do with their images. So, I got it! Not a bad price either. I've been stalking watching some eBay auctions of this particular cartridge and was not going to pay the amount that it's been going for. $45. $47. $50. And more! I don't think so.

So tonight, auction has 4 minutes remaining and it's only at $27. So I present that idea to DH. He said go for it. Max of $35. I wait until the last minute, put my bid in, and won it for $34! :-) NOT TOO SHABBY!

The seller claims that I'll have it before Friday, which would totally rock! Can't wait to play with it and post the projects I do with THAT cartridge... the one I've been wanting so much!

I'm starting to worry about myself. Is there a 12 step program for people like me? And most of you? ;-) Love you all anyways!

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  1. Congrats..... I have this cart and just love it!