Monday, October 11, 2010

Haul Video: Coming soon!

Today, as I had hoped, was a great day out and about with my husband! Since I "tolerated" him watching football all day Saturday and Sunday, he let me pick where we went and what we did today. So where did we go? To scrapbooking stores, of course! :-)

I had heard of a store here in Jacksonville that I had never been to, so I drug him along with me to it! We found it and he actually walked around inside the store with me for over an hour and he didn't roll his eyes at me ONCE! :-) What a good man I have! After that, we went and had a yummy lunch at a nearby restaurant and then drove around to see what else was in the area. There was another scrapbook store right near there, but I decided to not put him through that again with me, so we kept driving.... until I saw a Michael's that I hadn't been to (yes, there are probably 8 different Michael's within a 30 mile radius of here and I have to go to ALL of them!). So we went in there. He doesn't mind M's as much because he looks at the Halloween decorations and stuff like that. Let me tell you! This M's has the BEST $1 bins I have ever seen!!! So while money is a little tight right now, he caved in and let me get a BUNCH of great stuff! With that, I will do a quick haul video later this evening hopefully to show you what I found!

I hope you all have had a great weekend and a beautiful Monday so far!


  1. oh my! what a great hubby!! what was the store you checked out? * michaels in one area??!!! WOW

  2. Don't you just love those sweet and patient hubbies?! How fun, can't wait to see what you got! :)