Friday, October 8, 2010


Hello followers! And WELCOME to all my new followers!!!! YAY!!

I hope that you all are having a beautiful Friday and getting ready for a fantastic weekend! I am having such a wonderful day today and am looking forward to at least three days of happy! My dearest husband (who typically has to work at some point over the weekend and on every holiday) found out that after his regular shift tonight and a little bit of work tomorrow morning, he will be OFF until TUESDAY! Hopefully we'll get to spend some real quality time together instead of quick meals and surface conversations.

Today, I am working on a few little trial projects here and there. I just tried to make my first shirt using freezer paper and my Expression. Let's just say.... it's not TERRIBLE, but it's definately not something I'd wear out in public. LOL! I may try to make another one with a different type of paint and see how that goes and then maybe I'll post it!

I'm also thinking about making a quick run to Michael's to see if there's anything that I want to use my 50% off MS products coupon on! I am really thinking I need to get a heat gun, but... not too sure yet. But 50% off makes it a little more possible!

Later today, I will be posting the story and photos of the "secret" projects that I had been working on for my stepdaughter's birthday party! I am so happy with how it all turned out and can't wait to share them with you!!

Wishing you all a happy and productive day!

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