Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hello and welcome to my little world!!

I suppose I should start out with a small introduction as to who I am and what I'm doing here.

I am a 28 year old married "girl" who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been unfortunately unemployed for almost a year now and have not been able to find a good job in the field that I want... sooooooo, to beat my boredom and my frustration in not being able to find a job, my husband was loving enough to finance a new hobby for me.


Last May, my wonderful husband surprised me with a beautiful Canon T1i DSLR camera and digital photography lessons at a local university. From that, I ended up with some beautiful photos, but what to do with them??? Let them sit on my computer or on CDs? I couldn't do that!

So I have been pondering what to do 1) with my time and 2) with my photos? Then, one day, walking through a local crafting store, I got the itch to scrapbook! I called him and said, "Ya know... I think I want to start scrapbooking!" His initial response, "How about when we have a little more money?" I was okay with that. Less than a week later, we saw HSN running a very good deal on a Cricut Expression (with cartridges and accessories) and next thing I know, he was ordering my birthday/mother's day gift! So began the monster........

My Expression was delivered on May 11th. Since then, I have accumulated a total of 11 cartridges, several hundred pieces of paper/cardstock, Cricut accessories (like the markers, extra mats, etc), several types of adhesive, a Cuttlebug with several diecuts and embossing folders, ribbons, buttons, sticker sets, and the newest addition to my collection of things to try: stamps and stamp pads. Finally, on Monday, dear hubby encouraged me to try to win a Cricut Gypsy on eBay... which we did. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival (which I'm praying comes prior to our vacation!!!) This hobby is addicting!!!!

So far, I have made several scrapbook layouts, a handful of cards, and misc. projects testing out my cartridges and supplies. I love doing it, even though I know I'm far from being an expert! I think I may have finally found a hobby that I might actually stick with!

Now what's with this blog? There are so many scrapbooking blogs! I know that I will never be one of the blogs with thousands and thousands of followers, BUT I want to do a blog to share my projects, discoveries, frustrations, and joys in this great hobby!! I might also use it as a place to put some of my photos that I am proud of, as well as some personal stuff!

I hope you'll come along on my journey of discovery and stumblings through the great world of scrapbooking!!!

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