Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A New Day... and some cards!

I guess I should start this post with what I have already posted on my Facebook page to tell you all why you'll get to see a whole lot more of me in the future....

Unfortunately, the unemployment bug has bitten again. Yep. One month after starting my new job that I was so excited with and happy to be doing (and actually LIKED), I have been laid off. The company claims that they "overhired" and the group of us that all started together right after New Year's were all let go today. So.... I've got LOTS of time to do my crafts now! I am lucky because I already had a claim open on unemployment (for the past 18 months! LOL!), so I just had to reopen that same claim to hold me over until I find the job that I am meant to be doing (for more than 30 days. LOL!). So... here I am!

First, I have to share something (on a non-scrapbooking note) that I made last night! We had a little Superbowl Party at our house and invited many of my husband's family members to come watch with us (including his family that's visiting from Turkey!!) so there were 10 of us hanging out (half of us rooting for the STEELERS!) and I was responsible for the food. We ordered pizza, of course... and had the good ol' Yuengling (from PA!) and the obligatory chips and stuff... but then I made THIS!

Isn't it CUUUUUTE!?! It's dip! My sister found the recipe and used it for an autumn party back in October, so I altered it to make it football-ish! I was super proud of it and everyone LOVED it! The version my sister made was a scarecrow!

Okay... enough with my gloating about my fine entertaining skills. :-)

In my mood of misery today, I did some shopping at Hobby Lobby and got some great stuff (thanks to my husband for understanding what might make me a LITTLE happier!) and I did a little (okay, not so little.... it's actually kinda long) video about all the stuff that I got tonight and some of my favorite things that I've purchased or received since my last video was done. Needless to say, I talked a lot and the video is about 15 mins long (unedited) so I will be working on that and posting it tomorrow.

Once I got home, I decided to make some cards, since making cards always cheers me up a bit! First, I made this "Welcome Baby" card. A couple that hubby and I are very good friends with are finally expecting (after trying for a while) and I am making this card and one in case it's a boy for when he or she arrives. :-) I made it using Simply Charmed, some papers from Michaels, Stickles (of course), and one of my Action Wobbles that I received back in the fall (that I lost until tonight!). They are SO great! I wish you could see how the carriage ... well, it WOBBLES!

I will share the "boy" card when it's complete. :-)

Then, I made an anniversary card for my dearest husband. Our 3rd anniversary is on Thursday and I wanted to make him a card instead of buying one that doesn't mean as much (or so I think, anyways).

He LOOOOVES bubble gum, so while the card isn't very masculine, it's very appropriate for him. I hope he likes it! I made it using the Sweethearts cartridge, buttons, and again... Stickles!

That's it for tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow with more!!

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  1. Carol, I'm so sorry for your job loss. I hope something great opens up for you soon. :) I do have to say WOW to your adorable dip/entertaining skills! Soooo cute! I love your cards too. ♥ Like you, I just found my Action Wobbles. I really need to try them out!
    Have a great day!