Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Few Cards and some Hauls!

This week, I have once again been spoiled AND productive!

On Monday, hubby took me to Joann's and I got some basics (since all of their papercrafting supplies were 40% off!) like glue, pop-dots, a punch, and some papers. Then, after seeing some great videos about the capabilities of Make-the-Cut, he told me to download it (mostly because he wants to see if I can make him a Jacksonville Jaguars logo!!) and then today, my order from that I placed last week arrived!

So, here's what I got from

and with it came a free set of scissors!

YAY for new stuff to play with!

So today, I've spent a bit of time in my craft room! I started a project using Birthday Bash. I completed a birthday card using Cindy Loo (but I can't share that one yet!) and I made a "thinking of you" card for Aidan! I'll share both of those soon.

A few nights ago, Jon had to work super-late (as in, he didn't get home until 4am), so I completely lost myself in my room and went to town! I completed a few layouts and a few cards, but I am MOST proud of a new style of card that I learned how to make (thanks to YouTube!). I have always admired these cards when I've seen others posting about it and finally, I can make them! SO MUCH EASIER than I thought it'd be!

As much as I'd love to say that I'll be in my craft room for the rest of the weekend to break in all of my newest additions, sadly, I won't. Well, not sadly because it's for a great reason! My uncle (who has been working in central Florida) is going to be coming to visit us tomorrow and spending tomorrow night, so I will need to be cleaning the house and getting ready for his visit and then we'll be out and about tomorrow night. Hopefully on Sunday though, I'll be in here all day!

I hope everyone has a very happy, sunny, and productive weekend!!! Happy crafting!!!


  1. That card is awesome!!!! Love it!! Have fun with all those carts!!!!!!

  2. Wow love all your new additions....and can't wait to see what you make with the make the cut...I also love this card. Love this style of card too. I made one of those before but I will have to give it another try. Thanks for the inspiration. TFS