Friday, February 10, 2012

Long Overdue! Photos, Projects, and Layouts update!

Has it really been over 2 months since I posted?? I really stink at this updating thing! Please forgive me though... the baby is my priority, so sadly, my crafting has been bumped down my list... and blogging even further apparently! But here I am for an update!

Today... what a day today is!

First, my dearest husband and I are celebrating 4 years of marriage! It's certainly been a roller coaster of fun, drama, tears, MUCH laughter, fights, and making up.... but I can honestly and truly say (even if he doesn't read this) that I have not one single regret and that I would do it all over the exact same way if I could!! He really is my best friend and I cannot picture one day of my life without him in it. :-) With that, here's a few photos from that day!

I look at those photos and it's so hard to think that it's been 4 years since that day!! So much has happened since then, but I still feel like I remember every single detail about Sunday, Feb 10, 2008! Crazy! :-)

Today ALSO happens to be my baby girl's 3 month birth-iversary! Again, I can't believe that time is going so quickly because I swear I was just at the hospital being induced!! But.... she's getting sooooo big and is such a wonderful baby! She very seldom cries (only if we wait too long to feed her, if she's got a super messy diaper, or just wants more loving!) and is smiling and laughing and cooing and imitating our faces so much now! Watching her grow each day makes me realize truly how blessed I am. And to think, that if someone had told me last year at this time that I would have a 3 month old baby, I'd have laughed and laughed and told them where to go. But.... God truly works in mysterious ways, because now, I can't think of what life would be like without her! She has truly put meaning and purpose in my life and I now know that I was meant to be a Mommy. Not to be pompous, but I think I rock at it! :-) Here are baby girl's monthly photos to see how she's growing!

So crazy to think that this little tiny blip on a black and white screen would grow up to be such a beautiful baby!!
6w1d pregnant

5 days old

1 month old

2 months old
3 months old


In the middle of raising this beautiful baby and trying to keep my house from looking like a ToysRUs gone horribly wrong, I have managed to do SOME crafting... not much, but some! And of course, it all revolves around her!! LOL!

First, I started to play with vinyl. I'd never really been serious about trying it, but I figured why not! So I ordered some while it was on sale from and did a few little projects. The first is on Ava's wall in her nursery.

The second attempt was at a family for my van! (I waited to do this until she was actually here.) I love how it turned out (although everyone now tells me that it looks like I have TWO babies because of the "mommy" figure that I picked from the Car Decals cartridge... I thought it was more of the occupation of the figurine, but I guess I can see where they're coming from, so I may re-do my figure!)

I've also been working on some layouts for her baby book. This one is about us setting up and preparing her nursery.

This layout is about Daddy's Girl (because Ava DEFINITELY is a Daddy's girl allll the way!)

This layout is about all of the ultrasounds that we had and the progression of her growth during the pregnancy.

There are several other layouts, cards, and a few books and other misc. projects I've completed, but I often forget to take photos of them. :-p I'll work on that.

Thank you all for sticking with me despite my looooooong absences. Someday, I PROMISE that I'll find my happy balance of things and get back to where I want to be in my crafting world!! I hope that you are all well!!!!

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