Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello! :-) I'm baaaaack!

First, my apologies. I've been MIA... again... for far too long. I still do read everyone's blogs and follow you all on Facebook, but the energy to type much more than a quick status update has been escaping me. Except on the days that I DO have the energy, I focus that on doing things around my home that need to get done in preparation for Baby Girl's arrival!!

Speaking of, I am FINALLY in the 3rd trimester! :-) Have had SO many ups and downs with this, my first pregnancy, but I am still so excited for her arrival. We have some new things that we are dealing with, but I am doing well and baby girl is growing well! We had an ultrasound yesterday and she is SUPER active and beautiful already! In less than 3 months (I suspect), she'll be here!!!!

So here's my update on crafting and on life in general since it's been almost 2 months AGAIN since my last update.

We are getting the house ready for Ava's arrival. This meant packing up my scrapbooking room/spare bedroom and moving the scrapbooking to the dining room.

This was my craft room (kinda before... the table and the storage units were already moved).

This is the dining room after the move, before the set up.

The new set up in the dining room...

Then, a couple of weekends ago, hubby and his dad painted the now-known-as nursery pink and set up all the furniture. I did a pseudo set up of the linens in the room to see how it looks (of course it's not done), but here are the results.

(I had some random character's made up from my niece's visit last fall, so I hung those on the door.)

I still have A LOT to do in her room, but I feel much better knowing that she has a room of her own!

Other than that, it's just been trying to keep up with the regular household stuff and trying to take it easy (since I've been threatened with bedrest... EEK!).

Now, on to what I started this for... my crafting life!

Well, there really isn't one lately. Besides moving my room and setting back up (and getting organized), I haven't done much. I did a visit with a friend and made some cards back in July, but that's it.

But, in trying to get re-motivated, I did attend the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention that is here in my city of Jacksonville this weekend today with a great friend of mine! We didn't do any of the classes (we missed the deadline) so we just attended the vendor show, but it was still a great time! Got a lot of inspiration, found a lot of stuff that I wanted to buy (but refrained from.... I've got bigger things to spend my money on for right now and her name is Ava. LOL!), and seemed to have gotten the bug again. Not necessarily like I had it before, but definitely enough to want to get back in there and play some more. Especially with my favorite season and holidays coming up soon, Ava's arrival (and all that will come with that .... thank you cards, memory books for her, etc.), I think it's my season for scrapbooking/crafting!

I did purchase a few things that I haven't seen in any of my local scrapbooking stores or big box stores (clear acrylic albums, some awesome embossing powder, etc), so perhaps this weekend I may get to those.

I do hope to get back into this again soon to be posting videos and projects and photos for all of you beautiful people who have continued to follow me, despite me being so absent lately!! I appreciate each of you and I promise that I will be back VERY soon with something awesome to show my thanks!!!!! :-) So stay tuned!

Until then, my friends....

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  1. Love the baby's room. The owl theme is cute. Hopefully you will feel up to scrapping again soon!