Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catch up!

Sorry, y'all! It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. We have been busy running around getting ready for our trip to PA for my Mom's wedding and then were gone for a few days last weekend for the celebrations. BUT, I am BACK! Time to catch up!

I have been able to spend a few days crafting this week, but unfortunately will not be able to post the project that I'm working on! BOOO! I know. :-) I'm working on some things for a surprise thing for a person in my life that may find this blog and then it'll be ruined, SO I'll share those at a later time. I know, I'm being vague but that's what I have to do with this project!

In the midst of working on this project, I have also done some more little mini shopping trips! I've found some great deals and have gotten quite a bit of stuff that I needed for planned projects! I have been working on some videos of them, but the videos are of hauls from a few days ago, so we'll see. If I DO post them, it'll be two different videos of three hauls, if that makes sense!

DH is at the Jacksonville Jaguars football game today (vs. the Denver Broncos), so I've actually had some real time to clean up my scrap room and to work on my videos and blog, so hopefully you'll see some more stuff today!

Thanks for stopping by and following me, even though I still really stink at updating on a regular basis. :-)

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